Learning to S.E.E. (Sell Efficiency Effectively)

On-demand Training



Presented by Mark Jewell, Efficiency Sales Professional Institute


From the creators of the award-winning Efficiency Sales Professional (ESP) Certificate Program come four fast-paced sessions that will turbocharge your success in getting projects approved. Most decisions are emotional decisions, and making energy-efficiency purchases and changes are no exception. Whether you’re selling efficiency solutions or seeking project approvals, understanding what factors play a role in the decision-making process and knowing how to build rapport with key stakeholders vastly increase your odds of success. Learning to S.E.E. is a “pasta sampler” version of the more comprehensive Efficiency Sales Professional™ (ESP™) Program and will provide you with the insights, focus, and skills you need to grow your market share, revenues, and profitability.


Learn how to…

• Ask the right questions at the right time of the right people

• Capture and maintain the interest of top management

• Know what benefits resonate best with decision-makers

• Dispel myths that stymie the best of intentions

• Generate compelling value propositions

• Shorten sales cycles

• Calculate the true financial benefits of enhanced efficiency

• And much more!


Who should attend?

Efficiency products dealers and distributors, mechanical and electrical contractors, energy-efficiency specialists, architects, engineers, HVAC and lighting designers, building owners and managers, utility representatives, commissioning authorities, and anyone else whose success depends on the successful advocacy of efficiency projects.



Each session is approximately 2 hours long.

Connecting the Dots

How efficiency maps into values and metrics that your prospects actually care about.

One of the most powerful forms of persuasion is helping your prospects “connect the dots” between your offering’s benefits and outcomes they are already seeking.

How would enhanced efficiency advance your prospect’s organizational and personal goals?  Could your project’s benefits be measured with yardsticks that your prospect is already using?

Learn how to use segment- and role-specific business acumen, success stories and guiding questions that allow prospects to see the connection between enhanced efficiency and the beneficial outcomes they are already seeking.

Calculating Returns

Which financial metrics really matter and when to use each one. 

Simple payback period, return on investment and internal rate of return are three of the most popular metrics used to evaluate expense-reducing capital projects.  Unfortunately, each has shortcomings that can hide the true benefits of worthwhile energy-saving projects, leading to suboptimal decisions.

Learn how migrating the discussion to more proper metrics (e.g., net present value, modified internal rate of return, savings-to-investment ratio, and life-cycle cost) is an important step on the road to getting more efficiency projects approved.

Capturing Attention

How to communicate compelling value.

Can you describe in 15 seconds or less the value your offering will provide to a particular prospect or organization?  Can you distill your value proposition and call to action down to a single printed page?  And can you present a multi-year cash flow and decision-making metrics that highlight your project’s financial worthiness in just one additional page?  Capturing your prospect’s attention is the first step to getting any efficiency project approved.

Learn the importance of understanding what each link on the decision-making chain most values and why carefully tuning your spoken and written communication wins you the management bandwidth and capital you need to move efficiency forward.

Replacing Myths with Math and Motivation

How to overcome myths and objections that prevent project approvals.

Understanding your prospect’s market segment, role and approach to decision-making allows you to present offerings that resonate with what your prospect is trying to accomplish.  Doing so holds the potential to transform prospect reluctance into genuine motivation to proceed.

Learn how to recognize and address dozens of myths and objections that can cause efficiency projects to be ignored, delayed or rejected, and why telling your customer’s story instead of your own opens the door to getting many more projects approved.


View a single session for $75, or all four in the series for just $249. Please note that pricing is for an individual attendee, not for an individual connection to the sessions.

Sign-up for the complete series and you’ll also receive a complimentary Learning to S.E.E. Playbook, loaded with tools, templates, case studies and many other valuable resources.

As an added bonus, take your success to the next level by enrolling in the Efficiency Sales Professional Boot Camp, and we’ll apply half of the price paid toward your tuition. Note: this offer is not available for boot camps sponsored by third parties.

Want to train your team, distributors, or trade allies? Group discounts are available!

15% discount for 5-20 attendees

25% discount for more than 20 attendees

To take advantage of the group discount, please email us at info@eefg.com and we’ll assist with your team’s registration.